Recommended sites where you can find more information on trauma and addiction.

If you know of a resource that is not here, please leave a comment.

World Trade Center Survivors Network

Never Forget 9/11 on Facebook

9/11 Tribute Museum

APA: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

PTSD & CPTSD Global Peer Support Community

National Institute of Mental Health – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies – PTSD and Substance Use Disorders


Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

National Institute on Drug Abuse

American Society of Addiction Medicine


Dr. Gabor Mate

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study – Addiction, Drug Rehab & Recovery Resources

Recommended Reading

The readings below have had a significant impact on my intellectual development, and have supported my strong recovery.  My hope is that they will provide you with knowledge, understanding and a path to peace.  Check back often since I will be updating this list regularly.

  • The Body Keeps the Score: Brain, Mind, and Body in the Healing of Trauma, by Bessel van der Kolk, MD
  • Upside: The New Science of Post-Traumatic Growth, by Jim Rendon
  • Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation: Skills Training for Patients and Therapists, by Suzette Boon
  • Healing the Shame that Binds You, by John Bradshaw
  • Man’s Search For Meaning, by Viktor E Frankl
  • Rising Strong, by Brene Brown
  • The Inner Citadel: The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
  • At Hell’s Gate: A Soldier’s Journey From War to Peace, by Claude Anshin Thomas
  • A Secure Base, by John Bowlby
  • The Places That Scare You: A guide to fearlessness in difficult times, by Pema Chodron