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Sean is a physician living in long-term recovery, healthcare writer and peer recovery specialist. Sean has a special interest in mental health and substance use disorders in healthcare professionals, a group with unique challenges, that often suffers in silence. He is an advocate working to improve public health policy for mental health and substance use disorders. Through his lived experience and medical training he educates, informs, and works to batttle the shame and stigma that keeps the disease of addiction alive.


Sean is active within the recovery community. He works with the Pennsylvania Harm Reduction Coalition to promote their mission — protecting the health and human rights of individuals who use drugs. He works with Hand ‘n’ Heart, an organization focused on providing resources to those who are homeless, struggle with substance use disorders and mental health challenges — ultimately replacing stigma with acceptance and hope. He provides peer support for Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers and to professionals and others who are looking to transform their lives.


Sean writes regularly about his experience and has been published in The Fix, The Good Men Project, The Ascent, and The Philadelphia County Medical Society magazine. He is currently working on a book based on his experience and the science of addiction.